Employee Onboarding

Enjoy complete and consistent Employee Onboarding Online
Streamline your onboarding processes. Ensure new hires experience your business brand and values in a reliable way. Improve HR compliance and legal requirements via the secure Staffd Form Uploader and Offer Letter Generator. Never miss a step again.
  • Provide the most up-to-date policies
  • Upload completed Tax and Super forms
  • Gather bank details with ease
  • Generate Offer Letters and digitally sign on any device
Complete Employee Onboarding Online
Policy Downloads
Policy Downloads
Add your company policies for applicants to download, view and accept online as part of the induction process, saving time during induction.
The system allows for easily accessed tracking to ensure all necessary policies have been viewed, as per your company requirements.
Health Declaration
Our simple and easy to use form allows you to gather and file the relevant medical information required from all applicants.
You will acquire the medical knowledge needed to protect your employees, cover your business, and ensure legal compliance.
Health Declaration
Form Uploads
Form Uploads
The applicant can quickly download and complete any required forms, and then upload the details for use by your admin team.
Our platform means no more worrying about missing hardcopy paperwork or delays in acquiring the information you need.
Offer Letter
Offer Letters are generated based on the role applied for. The applicant can then review the offer and digitally sign on any device.
By adding your own auto generated Offer Letter, your company can meet your legal requirements in a few simple steps.
Offer Letter

Push the Data where you need it

Push data to your HRIS, Payroll or Job Management system to seamlessly get the data where you need it without data entry.

Automated email notifications to your team and the applicant so they can take action when needed. Stay on top of the current status.